Patte Ormsby

  • Selected Works

    A Mother’s Blessing
    Spray enamel, metal leaf, patina, craquelure, rust, oil on canvas
    13 x 13”

    Day 4 1/2
    Spray enamel, gold leaf, patina, craquelure, oil on panel
    40″ x 40”

    Filter; Genesis
    Mixed Media: Spray enamel, acrylic, gold leaf, copper leaf, rust, patina, oil on panel
    54” x 48”
    Chosen by Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, for its ecological message re: carbon footprint and effects of our species on others and our environment, this painting hung in the Office of the Lt. Governor of VA from during winter and spring of 2015-16

    Grate Big, One
    Spray enamel, gold leaf, patina, rust, oil, acrylic on panel
    48” x 48”

    Magi, Balthazar
    Spray enamel, gold leaf, patina, craquelure, rust, oil on panel
    30” x 30”

    Magi, Gaspar
    Spray enamel, gold leaf, patina, craquelure, rust, oil on panel

  • Statement

    An Artist’s Poem

    Timeless existence, celestial space

    Due homage and credence to the delicacy of place

    Sky, land, sea surround, and enfold

    Human presence, complicit to witness

    The impermanence a changing world holds.

    Solid, liquid and gas,

    Ageless atoms make new things from old

    The universe expands, as creatures evolve

    And begin the search

    To understand.

    Minerals, water, vapor and heat; elements combine,

    Shaping new places.

    Landscape with planets and stars in a line.

    Rust as pigment, patina as paint,

    Act as metaphor for creation,

    And are tools that I use for the art that I make

    Geometry, everywhere, random in nature

    When evenly spaced, in grids, screens and lines

    Of circles and squares

    Form boundaries or windows

    To contain or escape, or steal glimpses of elsewhere,

    Past, future or space.

    Seek order from chaos, our need to feel safe.

    History shows art begins as a Need

    Essential for warning, for teaching and thanks,

    For counting, for sharing, to survive, to succeed.

    Relate, communicate. Visually.

    Which is why art history motivates me.

    Technique to concept, ancient to new

    Renaissance spirits guide

    My artistic voice.

    Deep reds, patina, age-crackled gold

    With alchemy and gratitude for this fleeting world

    Sacred; Behold.


  • Biography

    Patte Reider Ormsby received her degree in Studio Art and Art History from Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA, continuing her education with Michael Kramer’s Gilder Studio through Smithsonian Institution.

    A classically trained fine artist, Ormsby believes one must learn the rules in order to break them, and has done that for over 30 years of continuing independent study. The mother of three grown young men, she lives with her husband in Fredericksburg, VA.


    2016 1st Place, Touch of Blue, FCCA, Fredericksburg, VA

    2016 Placed in Governor Ralph Northam’s office in Richmond, VA

    2015 Peoples Choice, Holiday Show, Duvall Designs Gallery, Millwood, VA

    2013 3rd Place, Regional Juried Show, FCCA, Fredericksburg, VA

    2012 HM, Regional Juried Show, FCCA, Fredericksburg, VA

    2010 Best in Show, Biennial, Art Guild Show, King George, VA

    2010 HM, Conceal & Reveal, FCCA, Fredericksburg, VA

    2009 1st Place, Secret Places, FCCA, Fredericksburg, VA

    2009 HM Radius 250, Artspace Gallery, Richmond VA

    2009 HM Layers, FCCA, Fredericksburg, VA


    2017 Contempo, Gallery Flux, Ashland, VA

    2017 Duvall Designs Presents, Art at the Mill, Millwood, VA

    2016 Art at the Mill, The Mill at Carter Hall, Millwood, VA (Invitational)

    2015 Art at the Mill, The Mill at Carter Hall, Millwood, VA (Invitational)

    2015 Marks, Forms, Layers, Gallery Flux, Ashland, VA (Featured)

    2014 MidAtlantic New Painting, University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, VA (Juried)

    2014 Amazonas, Les Yeux Du Monde, Charlottesville, VA (Invitational)

    2013 Wellfleet Revisited, Left Bank Gallery, Wellfleet, MA (Solo)

    2012 Ave, Patina, New Work, FCCA, Fredericksburg, VA (Solo)

    2012 Woman Made, Workhouse Arts Center, Lorton, VA, (Invitational)

    2012-2002 Group Shows, P Rose Gallery, Fredericksburg, VA (Invitationals)

    2011 -2017 Left Bank Gallery, Wellfleet, MA

    2011 Fredericksburg Remembers 911, Fredericksburg Area Cultural Museum (Invitational)

    2010 City Square, Ponshop Gallery, Fredericksburg, VA

    2009 Radius250, Artspace Gallery, Richmond, VA McGuffey Art Center,

    2009 New Work, Ormsby, Art First Gallery, Fredericksburg, VA (Duo)

    2008 Art, P Rose Gallery, Fredericksburg, VA (Invitational)

    2008-2006 All Media, Alexandria Art League, Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, VA

    2007 Midnight, Cape Light, Garden Gallery, LGT, Provincetown, MA (Solo)

    2006 Body Language, Fredericksburg Athenauem, Frdericksburg, VA (Solo)

    For a complete Resume including commissions and collections, please contact the artist

    at patte.ormsby@gmail .com